About Us
Pioneer Loft began as a home party business in the mid-1990's. Selling country decor items right off the table, the business was very successful and birthed a retail store after three years. Leaving the home parties behind, our business grew, changed and moved a few times over the years.

We now offer our exclusive line of small furniture and other handmade creations by Tim & Denise, the owners, along with antiques, vintage items and more. We like to repurpose used items and make one-of-a-kinds. Creativity is at the heart of what we do.

Our shop is to soon be located on our farm in the beautiful Wayne County countryside.  We are in the process of closing our retail location in downtown Millersburg and moving it all to the farm, and expect it will be mid-June at the earliest before we are organized again. We are here most of the time and will open for you when you stop and come to the house to get us, but please call to set an appointment if you are making a special trip. (330) 674-LOFT

Things change quickly at the Loft and you never know what you'll find. The next time you are in Ohio's Amish Country, please be sure to make an appointment  & come by and visit.

© Pioneer Loft, 2015

©Pioneer Loft, 2015