Plate racks are Tim's specialty, though he makes a
variety of furniture. The plate racks are a perfect
addition to your kitchen or dining room. Tim
can also custom make exactly what you need
to fit in your space!

Our very own creations & repurposed
furniture for the Urban or
Farmhouse Home.
© Pioneer Loft, 2015
Pioneer Loft
Denise creates one-of-a-kind items, like these
storage totes shown above, tote bags, upcycled
denim clothing & much more! She loves to
use vintage and antique quilts, embroidered linens,
old lace and crocheted pieces that have outlived their
original purpose due to damaged places.

Then there's antiques and furniture that we repair, repurpose, update, etc. This cupboard on the right is a mix of antique doors and new construction which has a "secret cubby". Below is a bench made from
a vintage queen-sized bed.  Bonus is the HUGE storage compartment  under the seat!
We are also placing some of our items in various retail locations in our area. We ship to continental USA only on plate racks & smaller items. Pick up only for the rest unless the buyer makes all arrangements.

Find us on Facebook and Etsy.

We are selling on our farm near Wooster, Ohio, by appointment or when we have a "Farmstead Sale Day"
©Pioneer Loft, 2015